Plancks 2011

2011 was a busy year. We released seven songs on Alicht music. We made 1 live performance with Andy Planck and one with licht. For 2012 i hope i will be able to release more songs in the new more minimal style ive found under 2011. Ben Klock, Håkan Lidbo and Andreas Tilliander also have […]

tankar, thoughts

still leben, still lieben

still leben, still lieben var rubriken på ett videoverk en konstnärskollega gjorde för ett par år sen. Just nu lever jag, det gör jag varje dag. Men kan jag älska, det är frågan. Jag orkar inte med den besvikelsen en gång till. Jag tillhör typen som har sååå lätt för att få bli kompis med […]


News: Hackerattack

Someone tried to silent andyplanck.co.uk because we were hacked yesterday. It was done by some bloke with too much sparetime…  It was an attack coming from Morocco. some guy that disliked my music.But now were back with new layout and to the hacker: THE WINNER TAKES IT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was his message, and he also […]


Music i like

As i am much of an music aficionado i can say that i listen to many different styles, and as a reviewer i get a lot of records. In the field of classical and art music i like compositors like: Johann Sebastian Bach (Much of the pianostuff but also the cellosonatas and churchmusic) Palestrina (The […]