As these is a solo project i can only give my life story… I was born in uppsala, sweden in 1987.

Music has always been a big part of llife. We talked about making a band already in pre-school. The first constellation of weight was called a people of heroes. The second were the rocking mices. These constellations went nowhere. In third degree, me and two more guys made a constellation named Dreeft, a no meaning thing, it kept on for three years and the songs were made in both swedish and english. The band broke up after and the drummer and i made a new band.

After that i began the 7th grade and met a punkrocker girl, (me and her little sister were in the same mathclass (a mathclass for pupils with difficulties in math, and pupils in school thought we were having an love affair which wasnt true, we were just friends). That punkrock girl and me formed a band named Elevdemokrati. We didnt made any gigs. Our head number was the song Mental istid by the swedish punkgroup Ebba Grön on Tuba. I was hurt badly by the opther pupils during these three years.

My parents got new jobs so we had to move (which was really good for my mental health). I had grown to a metalhead. I started a metalband wich i wrote lyrics for, but things never really happened so i jumped off after 1 year to begin my more industrial experiments because i had become a synthpopper.

I met my colleauge in Licht the same year on a youth conference. After a vision from god we decided to form the duo licht, whom existed from 2006-2012.

This project is my mainproject and was formed for a gig in Visby Sweden at a festival for young art.

Ive always been singing in choirs. Especially the years in an boyschoir was important. This choir gave me the stage routine, here is example of gigs ive been doing Singing South africas national Anthem in an Davis Cup game of Sweden South Africa, Been part of choir in Handels Messiah and other big gigs. Ive been singing round in various churches as well with whole family..
Member of the following Projects:
– Licht, one of the few classic christian synthbands in sweden (as far as i know)
– Recycling, a more like music in background project because the music is written for being heard together with poems i have written
– Andy Planck, the second project, gives out only instrumental music… Just started with the ambition to make new music with good sounds…
In the field of soundengineering i have worked with:
Alive (an gospelchoir), Susanne Alfvengren (Swedish singer/songwriter), Liten Stina (Folk), Dag och Helena Bergkvist (Worshipleaders), Heisenberg Pianomultiplet (Classic music). Im also composing more classical music under my regular name.

I have also produced the recordings and audiorestoration for the project Free to believe – Uppsala Baptist church 150 years 1861-2011.

Im also responsible for pressissues regarding the movies Assaba Massacre and Nigerian Biafran war which i also maintain the website for


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