Music Video

We made several musicvideos in the recent time.

Ashlees Song:

Andy Planck – Ashlee’s song from Andy Planck on Vimeo.

Come Sunday (Tribute to Duke Ellington):
The story behind me singing this is quite amazing.
Im 14. Mom has been away playing for some woman in some church. I find the sheets and i ask mom if she can show me how it sounds like. At the same time i take singing lessons. I go once a week after choir to the choirleader to get singing lessons. We get a booking for churchservice. Dads preaching, and we get the question to sing. I decide that i want to sing Come Sunday so i go with the sheets to my song teacher. We work on it week after week. Finally big day has come. I begin to sing and the song flows out. It was my first experience of singing jazz, After that ive been singing this on various occasions.

Andy Planck – Come Sunday (Duke Ellington tribute) from Andy Planck on Vimeo.