With Choirs:

Växjö Domkyrkas gosskör – part of the boy sopranos on Tears in heaven and Agnus Dei on the compilation Växjö domkyrkas körer (1997) Out of print as far as i know. SOS Recordings 1997

Dopkassett for the Cathedral: Cassette given to parents who chose to baptism their kids. We sang some lullabyes.

With Licht:

Radioaktivität (Larzoni/planck) Recorded december 2006 in studio Donner, Slite, Alichtmusic LICHT001

Es werde Licht (words by bible/Planck) Recorded, mixed and mastered in Studio Rovide, Eskelhem LICHT002

Trance (Larzoni/Miscator) Recorded in Studio Miscator and  Edited in studio Planck, Uppsala LICHT003

Gold (Larzoni/Planck) Recorded with plancks mobile studio in Eskelhem, Gotland


This is the day 2009-03-02 PLANCK001 (first fulllength album)
20130408 Remix on Sophie Rimhedens Hur mår du released publicly.

Swedish electroscene Vol 2: Participates with the song Skrotcentralen

Swedish Electroscene Vol 3: A visit to berlin (Radio Edit)

20160507 In the nightclub

20161029: Praha Smichov

20161203: Bruteforce

20170318: In the hotel bedroom

2018: In the Nightclub/Bruteforce, Spotify Release

20200627: Covid19

2021: From Uppsala to Bath

2022: Improvisation 1:Serenity, Heathrow to Reading by bus, Southwark Cathedral in July

Music commissioned:

2009-2010 The Saviours circle (a project funded by Diakonistiftelsen Samariterhemmet)

2012: Tv Fyris: News music, Ad music

2020: Radio Fyris: Award Jingle

2022-2023: God in all i see, sonical landscapes for the Poetry collection by Sarah Lindholm published by The Conrad Press