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New song: The healing touch

Hello again! It is not that often i write something but now i just released another little instrumental pearl. A little new romantic influenced song named ”The healing touch”. I read a book about that in my upper high school years in psychology and how we touch each other charge and discharge each other. That […]


New tracks

Im back. Ive released two new songs and a mix in a couple of days… First song is 303 madness. Inspired by Andreas Tillianders experiments with up to 7(!) x0xboxes hooked up together i experimented with audiotool (a really nice, flexible cloudbased app. The result is aviable for listening to below and also to remix […]


News: Hackerattack

Someone tried to silent because we were hacked yesterday. It was done by some bloke with too much sparetime…  It was an attack coming from Morocco. some guy that disliked my music.But now were back with new layout and to the hacker: THE WINNER TAKES IT ALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was his message, and he also […]