Food is one of my biggest passions in life. I have been a TV chef producing, editing and cooking eight cooking shows with various guest sidekicks. My interest for drinks started in 2008 when i started hanging out with my friend Staffan and i learnt a lot about beer. Wine became an interest after meeting the DJ and Sommelier Alf Tumble. I am also fond of coffee. I am fascinated of combining music, food and drinks in an eclectic blend.

Said about Andreas

Oktoberfest episode:

”Fantastiskt roligt att se någon annan laga ens recept! När jag först bara hörde inslaget trodde jag det var jag själv som hustrun satt och tittade på för det lät så likt, men det var Andreas som berättande om Haxe-ätandet.”– Edward Blom, Mathistoriker och arkivarie

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