New tracks

Im back.
Ive released two new songs and a mix in a couple of days…
First song is 303 madness. Inspired by Andreas Tillianders experiments with up to 7(!) x0xboxes hooked up together i experimented with audiotool (a really nice, flexible cloudbased app. The result is aviable for listening to below and also to remix here

Second song is a trip through space. Made with my favourite musicmaking application of all time, Ableton Live at work. It all began with me having the riff from Jarres Oxygen IV stuck in my brain. So out came something very spacey. One of the sounds named Alien invasion. Heavily used is the beatrepeat (a plugin unique for Ableton and a reverb/delay bus. I had quite long verb/delay time as i wanted to have an atmospheric feeling to it.

The third is a mix of tracks from artists coming to the excellent VOLTfestival of Uppsala. I found last year extremely inspiring for my making of music. Especially meeting Olle Oljud, Andreas Tilliander, Håkan Lidbo and at last Techno dj star ben klock made it special.
I cant link it directly but checkout and listen

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