Time flies: Flogstavrålet.

I remember the day when Johan Palmgren came to Chili n Chai. He made a documentary that ive been part of. Now the first screening is scheduled for the Tempo documentary festival. I Feel really excited and i hope i get an invitation for the screening. Flogsta roar. The Flogsta Roar (2012) from Johan Palmgren […]


New year, new plans

Hello everybody! This is captain speaking.. No just kidding. A lot of interesting things lays ahead. First thing is to remix Sophie Rimhedens ”Hur mår du?” (How do you feel?). Is first time i do something more serious. For you that hasnt heard of sophie shes called swedish queen of electronica. I will also try […]


Lifes changing.

I have just walked through the experience of falling in love again. And yes it means that i havent had any time for writing music. I have also began my way to being smaller tummywise (weighin in at three digits is not nice). So ive started walking and i need to get my bike for the […]


New tracks

Im back. Ive released two new songs and a mix in a couple of days… First song is 303 madness. Inspired by Andreas Tillianders experiments with up to 7(!) x0xboxes hooked up together i experimented with audiotool (a really nice, flexible cloudbased app. The result is aviable for listening to below and also to remix […]