Music that touches me part 1: Bach

Music that touches me pt 1: Bach


BACH is a romance for me. The first day I heard “Das Wohltemperierte clavier”.  It was to quote Swedish poet Ylva Eggehorn: Bach is like a fireplace. It was like that when the notes of Keith Jarrets magical playing hands. Dynamic notes like praises to the outermost being, angel like notes. What was it that made BACH so higly present in his music? I don’t know but bach is a great romance for me.  Every mood seem to be collected into the music. Take for example the Masses. The mystery of Christ in the communion and us worshipping in the liturgy. Bach is both sacred and down to earth in his being.

The music and the character of Bach is the passion. The perfection of the counterpoint technique of composing.  A focus in the structure of the tones and such a clarity. Hearing a good organ player play bach is like balm to your soul. It is so timeless music that even the Slovenian band Laibach has made a juxtaposed version of “Der kunst die fuge”.



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